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It has taken for-freaking-ever, but AT&T (Cingular) is finally getting around to spreading its 3G HSDPA love in my direction.

Last time I checked, there was but one blue splotch of HSDPA coverage on the Cingular coverage map for my town, and it was the local Cingular store. Aside from that lonely island of 3G goodness, the closest region with blue showing was a few towns to the east (closer to NYC). That was about a month ago.

Upon checking today, the big blue blob has spread out and gobbled up some more towns, including the town next to mine. There are actually two cells providing 3G coverage near my home, though each falters about a block from my house. Blast!

It looks like I’ll have to take a walk at some point with the N75 review unit I have and see what 3G signal I can stumble into.