I have had a few issues with my iPhone since buying it on June 29th and though I’d share ’em, with y’all.

For the most part, it has been a revelation on how good user interfaces can be. I am not going to into the pluses or minuses of the device, though. If that’s what you’re interested in, I’d refer you to Phone Scoop’s in-depth review.

So in the middle of last week, I was suddenly unable to access the Internet via my iPhone. I got an error message that read: Could Not Activate EDGE. I was a little miffed, but have had random connection issues with other phones. So I decided to give it some time. An hour later, still no luck. My iPhone was also have difficulty in sending SMS messages. It often took 3 or 4 attempts to get an SMS to successfully send to another phone. I chalked this up to a network anomoly and let it rest for a while.

Several hours later, though, I still had no luck connecting to the Internet. Eventually I gave up and went to bed. The next morning, I woke up and checked the iPhone. Still no Internet, but this time around I got a DNS Server error. Eep. I called AT&T customer service right away. (BTW, I had powered the phone on and off several times.)

I waited about 8 minutes to be connected a rep. Once connected, the rep checked my account and told me that my data account was still active, and there had been no network issues in the area. Since it wasn’t service related, he decided to transfer me to an Apple rep.

I waited on hold again for another 8 to 10 minutes. Once I spoke to the Apple rep (who was chipper as hell, BTW), she had me reset the iPhone. It took several attempts. After the second attempt, the iPhone was able to reconnect to the EDGE network and successfully browse the Web. Cool.

Two days later, though, I had another failure with the iPhone, this time hardware related. After using it as an iPod for a while and listening to some Machine Head, I pulled out the headphones. From then on, the ear piece speaker failed to work. The speakerphone worked just fine, but the ear piece speaker made no sound at all, and calls could not be heard using the iPhone as a regular phone.

Since I had a similar issue with a Treo several years ago, I took it directly to the Apple store. Unfortunately I had to wait two days to get an appointment with an Apple Genius.  After I explained the problem to him, he agreed that it was a hardware issue and it needed to be fixed. The little mechanism inside the headphone jack that shuts off the ear piece speaker and routes calls to the headphones was permanently activated. Since the 14-day return window had expired, they wouldn’t just give me a new phone. It was sent off to be repaired. Apple offered a temporary iPhone replacement for me to use, but I declined, preferring to just use another handset I had at home.  So I took my SIM and put it in a BlackBerry Pearl. The experience was jarring. I had loved my Pearl. After just 3 weeks with the iPhone, though, the BB OS was jarring to use.

I switched to a Nokia E61i, and that was much better. Thankfully I only had to use it for three days. Apple FedExed the iPhone back to me just 70 hours after I dropped it off at the Apple store. The repair was free, but the experience did stink, and made me lose a little bit of confidence in the quality of the new phone.